Sky – [Playboi Carti]

Playboi Carti is about as elusive as an artist can get in music, yet his fans flock his way with every new release he puts out. His album Whole Lotta Red was something that not a single person expected and although it was met with some hate and criticism when it first dropped, I think that it’s safe to say now that even if it’s not your favorite version of Carti, you can’t. help but respect and appreciate his creativity that clearly went into it, henceforth why it took so long to drop in the first place.

Whether you love it or hate it, you have to appreciate the hard work and effort t that went into every aspect of the album, and that makes every additional music video absolutely mandatory for me once he drops. To end last week off on a high note, Carti decided to bring one of the more underrated cuts off of the album “Sky” to life, and he did so in yet another incredibly inventive way that is confusing yet artistic all at the same time. Directed by Nick Walker, Carti and his rag-tag group of friends decide to storm a grocery store when people least expect it.

As a green hue takes over the screen for the entirety of the visual, the group of troublemakers run into the store and begin wreaking havoc in every single way that they can. Throwing products around in the air, smoking inside, and ramming grocery carts into different displays, there doesn’t seem to be any stopping this hoard of troublemakers led by Carti. They seem to leave the innocent patrons alone and go about their business, yet as the video begins to come to a close, it seems like there isn’t a single thing left unaltered considering they pretty much destroyed everything in sight.

I was a big fan of this visual with the hectic camera work that complemented the main plot of the video in the first place, and the way that they also used some security footage almost made it look like this happened in real life and the grocery store had no idea what hit them. Aside from this, it was even more interesting how this group of people didn’t even steal that much, but they more so just wanted to get chaotic and destructive just for the sake of ripping a place apart. Obviously, Carti is no stranger to chaos and demolition, so I’m not surprised, and that’s also part of the reason why I think that the brand-new music video for “Sky” is a must-watch whether you’re a fan of the song or not, so check it out below and see for yourself.