Skeleton Men – [Fatboy Biggz] ft. [LuhUFO] & [NateNumbaEight]

One of my absolute favorite people in the entire rap music scene has to be NateNumbaEight, and that’s not even hard for me to say. I’ve been a fan for quite some time now because I just love all of his Twitter antics, hilarious freestyles, and some of the other artists he puts me onto. In fact, I probably followed him for longer than I’d like to admit before I realized he made actual music and not just funny freestyles based on internet videos, but I love how he brings his personality to the party every single time he drops something new.

Although I wasn’t familiar with Fatboy Biggz or LuhUFO prior to them teaming up with Nate on their song “Skeleton Men”, I was fully captivated from the moment I saw a snippet of the KaneMadeIt-directed music video. The production is full of tranquil, old-school-sounding instruments combined with a sample of sorts that is a bit more boom-bap than I anticipated but hearing these three talents on the record makes me think that there’s no beat they could hop on and not kill.

Considering it’s Fatboy’s song, he opens things up with high-energy lines that are full of personality, but his skills really show later on as he quickens his cadence and rattles off lines faster than most other artists in the industry are capable of. Luh comes in second, boasting a compelling attitude that is full of ignorance and aggression in the best possible ways, paving the way right into Nate’s closing verse. When this part comes, Nate utilizes his trademark charisma alongside his over-annunciated lyrics that come together for yet another impeccable verse.

Alongside this song comes a music video, as I mentioned before, where the trio dresses up as pirates, hops on a pirate ship, and lets their unique behaviors take the driver’s seat as awesome animations consume different scenes. “Skeleton Men” is not a song I necessarily thought I’d come across this week, but it’s a record that I’m definitely going to add to my playlist immediately after I finish writing this article, making it something you need to check out as soon as you possibly can.