Situation – [Nippa]

North London talent Nippa just recently arrived on my radar, but in the couple weeks since his new song and video “Situation” dropped, I haven’t gone a day without giving his music a spin. The rising talent’s newest release — produced by TobiAitch and 6 — is a warning signal that Nippa is a must-watch talent, and among other things, its pairing of subject matter and galvanizing bounce is nothing less than masterful, making this an easy soundtrack to spin throughout your day, from the walk to school or work to a party at night.

2 minutes in length, “Situation” is brief, but the charisma in Nippa’s melody-tinted deliveries makes the song impactful as can be, taking listeners through a vivid set of lines pinned together by the endlessly catchy hook, “Is you riding, when we sliding? If I tote this, would you hold this? Because I’m about to turn this to a situation.” Even beyond the deeply-impressive songwriting on this one, Nippa’s R&B-esque vocal inflections fit seamlessly against the rhythm of the instrumental, tying every aspect of this release together in a way that makes “Situation” undeniable.

Nippa is making a hell of an introduction to new listeners like myself who just arrived in the past few weeks, but he already has a couple singles out to prove that he’s a name to watch. “Situation” belongs in everyone’s playlist, so give this one a spin below:

Video work by Faces and JRX