Last week, I wrote about a song that was centered around the feeling of falling for someone who was just your type; This week, I’m back with a song that has the complete opposite feel, but nevertheless, its a banger! If you haven’t heard of ‘marcos g’ yet, its about time you took notice. Marcos Garcia is a musician from Hialeah, Florida who has been creating his own waves lately, and rightfully so, his latest track, “single (on the weekend)”, has already garnered 300,000+ streams on Spotify. Even more surprising than this, the 22-year-old has only been making music since April of this year, and with one song officially underneath his belt, it’s safe to say that he’s off to a very promising start.

That said, “single (on the weekend)” is a track that steers clear from the classic love song status quo as marcos g explains what it’s like to deal with a girl who wants to be loyal on the weekdays, but single on the weekends. Even if you haven’t experienced a relational situation like this one, you’ll still be blown away by the overall production and easy going nature of this song, as it truly brings listeners into the world of the artist in a simple yet groovy way.

With this, if marcos g continues to put out tracks like “single (on the weekend)”, then I’m predicting that 2019 is going to be the year that everyone starts paying attention to his impressive artistry. Don’t let me have the final say, though. I’ve attached the Spotify link below, so give marcos’ latest a listen and let us know what you think! To stay up to date with all future releases for 2019, you can follow him on Instagram here.