Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation – [$uicideboy$]

$uicideboy$ have been a duo that truly means so much to me on a personal note, and while not everyone will understand their messages or style of music, it has impacted me greatly throughout the years. I used to strictly listen to them and almost no one else regardless of if I was at the gym, in my room alone, in the car, or anywhere else. I just had never experienced music that was so raw and genuine, and while the bulk of their music was as high octane as it gets, there was this deeper narrative that I connected with in an indescribable way.

There was a stretch of a few years where they seemed to put out mixtapes and EPs on a very regular basis, flooding fans with music that never grew old even to this day, and while this output has slowed down as the years go by, it just makes me appreciate new releases that much more. Today, I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of their third studio album entitled Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation, a 13-song effort that boasts a runtime of about 36 minutes long.

Although this album seems to stray away from the overly aggressive and violent style that they once popularized, there is plenty of moments that bring me back to this original charm that I fell in love with. Aside from those instances, though, there is almost this more mature, boundary-pushing sound that continuously replays as you listen to this project in its entirety, showing off some deep and honest lines that go beyond the surface and really dig into some personal, enlightening topics.

While this might not be the same $uicideboy$ sound that fans first fell in love with years ago, it shouldn’t be because they’re older, wiser, and have been through even more that has shaped a new wave of their careers, and this is something that I appreciate more than I can explain. I’m far past excited about this album, but I definitely can’t wait to listen through much more copiously as time goes on to confidently grasp everything that is encompassed in this brand-new LP.

Regardless of what your personal opinion of this project is, though, if you’re a fan of this legendary New Orleans tag team, you need to check them out on their “Greet Day” Tour as they travel the company with support from all-stars like Ski Mask the Slump God, $NOT, JPEGMAFIA, Knocked Loose, Code Orange, and Maxo Kream, because that’s a show you are going to regret missing without a doubt.