sidelines – [juno]

Last year, I was put onto countless new artists who consistently blew me away with their innovative takes on classic sounds and off-the-wall styles that were unlike anything I had heard previously. While there are too many talents to name right now, hyperpop became a genre that I couldn’t go a day without listening to, and what made this subgenre even better was the fact that there were even more specific styles that were given their own unique titles in order to further differentiate sounds that were being created under this newly developed umbrella.

Whether there were love ballads, electronic dance anthems, or uncharacteristic vocals that drew me in, there was never a shortage of impeccable artists coming out from the woodwork, and I can only hope that this continues to grow as we get further into the new year. An artist who I didn’t learn about until later on last year was juno, and even though I feel like I was late to the party, I don’t think I’ve missed out on one of his releases ever since finding out about him, and I don’t plan to start missing anything any time soon.

It also seems like as he has gained more traction within his career, he has released more consistently, so this has not only given us a plethora of new music like his year-ending track “come thru” with midwxst, but so many other songs to listen to and enjoy as we continue familiarizing ourselves with the blossoming up-and-comer. Just over the weekend, juno dropped a brand-new record entitled “sidelines” as well as an accompanying music video directed by Nick Welch, and while things might not be as insane or hectic as some of his other visuals, it’s a super clean and well-shot flick that brings this track to new heights.

In the song itself, though, electricity seems to flow throughout every element within the instrumental, making the drops hit harder and juno’s voice more commanding. There is an angsty, passionate sentiment within his vocals that provide even more meaning to this one, but what truly steals the show for me is juno’s personality which seems to become more and more captivating as he continues to release new music. “sidelines” might be the first drop of 2022 for juno, but you already know that there is bound to be countless more surprises for the 17-year-old up-and-comer, making this record an essential listen while we wait to see what other kinds of magic he has up his sleeve.