Sick Duck & Spy? – [XIX]

Although XIX is a group that I’m relatively new to, when I saw that they teamed up with Overcast and Daniel Jordan K to drop not one but two visuals in the same day, I rejoiced at the fact that I had so much new content to delve into. Beginning with “Sick Duck” which is perhaps one of their most popular songs and a track off of last year’s project 19, the duo made up of Karm the Tool and Yung Skayda find themselves in some sort of junkyard or old car lot.

While some people might find this setting to be a bet desolate or barren, these two seize the opportunity and wreak absolute havoc on everything in sight, shattering windows, driving forklifts, running around, and causing as much chaos as possible like only they know how. Finally, they hop in a dune buggy and peel off into the desert before seemingly crashing the vehicle as the song’s vibe changes to its much slower, more poignant second half. As the buggy and hills in the distance are on fire, Skayda lays down with a missing arm as Karm limps away from the destructed scene all the way home where he falls into bed, bringing this video to a close.

Following this visual is another cut off of 19 entitled “Spy?”, and while I loved both videos shown in the double feature, I have to say that this one is probably the one I personally preferred. In this one, the duo is shown with the prim and proper host of what appears to be a food television show as the caption states that they’re supposed to be making an organic meatloaf casserole.

As soon as the show begins, you can tell that the host had no clue what she was getting into as the two hammer the ground meat, rip open a bag of flour, and begin to cause havoc once again. From here, the lady leaves the shots as a montage of the two artists is shown while they go crazy, making as much of a mess as possible in the previously spotless kitchen. To round out the video, they end up serving her microwaved dinosaur chicken nuggets instead of the aforementioned casserole, and as they dig in, she seems hesitant to even eat the chicken considering it came from those two characters.

In all honesty, I legitimately just found out about this dynamic duo maybe a week or two ago, but I’ve been enthralled ever since. Each of the two artists brings something different yet equally unique to the table, and although the music might not be for everyone, I definitely respect the creativity and actually crave more of this individuality from so many other artists. Although I wish I had more information to share, you’ll get everything you need to know and more about these two talents within this music video double feature, so make sure you check out both visuals as soon as you possibly can.