Shut the Door – [Lil Gotit]

Although I may talk about all of the different rap hubs in the country quite often, I think that there is one point that I haven’t beaten into the ground yet. This is the fact that in these different parts of the US, there are so many different sounds and personalities that if you are loud and unique enough, you just might have a chance to break through barriers and become recognized on a nationwide or even worldwide level. I say that because this is exactly what Lil Keed and his brother Lil Gotit did.

They took a sound that they knew the world loved thanks to Young Thug popularizing it and completely flipped it on its head, drawing inspiration from those who did it before them as well as each other, but they never copied, and they took their time in order to craft a style that was as unique as it gets. Of course, the entire music world is still mourning the passing of the great Keed, and while it isn’t an easy loss for anyone, I sympathize with Gotit more than anyone.

Gotit is a soldier, though, and he knew that sitting back wasn’t going to help him deal with the terrible situation, so he dropped off a brand-new visual for his song “Shut the Door” which comes off of his latest project The Cheater. Thanks to an awesome VisualsByLuke-directed flick, this seems to serve as a wonderful memorial to Gotit’s late older brother, and it shows that they were stuck to each other like glue, whether the cameras were on them or not.

Locked in the entire time, we are gifted a set of countless moments that the two shared together in the studio as well as various other spots, and it all makes sense why they never seemed to stop releasing new tracks after seeing how much time they spent making new hits with one another. The world will always miss Lil Keed, but Lil Gotit is certainly going to carry the torch for his brother and I couldn’t think of a more ideal candidate for that job, so make sure you tap in with this brand-new video in order to show respect and support for two of the best young stars in Atlanta’s recent history.