Show Me Up – [Lil Tecca]

In a current climate fueled by snippets and previews, there’s a certain level of joy that comes when a song you have been listening to finally gets an official released version. Speaking on behalf of Lyrical Lemonade veteran Lil Tecca, he has been notorious for previewing snippets that have been amazing. After circling around the internet for some months now, and most recently blowing up on Tik Tok, “Show Me Up” has been a fan favorite and finally sees the light of day on streaming services, as well as an amazing visual to accompany it.

“Show Me Up” showcases one of the many bags that Tecca can get in, and that is his relaxed flow with many quotables scattered throughout the song. Tecca is seen in the visuals rapping his verse effortlessly overlooking a beach as the sun sets, adding to the overall aesthetic of the song and the beat. One thing is for certain, is that Tecca knows that his fans love and he knows what will resonate online. Say what you will about Tik Tok and that community, but we have all seen by now just how fast a song can really take off once those creators get their hands on it. By taking advantage of that, Lil Tecca dropping “Show Me Up” was an amazing move not only from a consumer standpoint but for the fans as well. As he’s gearing up to release his third album We Love You Tecca 2, we can expect more vibes similar to the ones here, and who knows what else he may have up his sleeve.

Watch Lil Tecca’s “Show Me Up” music video below!