Shinigami – [Paris Lndn]

Let me just cut to the chase: Paris Lndn is a stud. He’s put out a number of great singles over the past year, and his new one, “Shinigami”, is his best yet. He’s only improving on all fronts, and it’ll be exciting to listen to what he has to offer going forward.

“Shinigami” contains Paris Lndn’s most experimental elements to date while also being his most commercially viable song, which is what makes this one an absolute smash. Sticking out in the landscape of melodic rap artists in 2020 is no easy feat, but Paris Lndn seems to do it by just being himself, and this song has a little something for everyone.

The mix of Lndn’s vocals here is perfection, and brings together the ethereal feel that the subdued melody of the beat creates. He uses his time so well, and when he starts singing, he doesn’t stop, seamlessly transitioning from the addictive hook to his mystical rapping in the verses, which also have some incredibly catchy vocal melodies that keep the listener enthralled.

Paris Lndn is finding himself more as an artist, and his music continues to feel like a breath of fresh air. His flow throughout the verses on this track is smooth, this hook is undeniably sticky, and the production, done by MU’MIN and SUIQE, is top-notch. He feels very in control here, and it’s clear he knows exactly what he is doing. This kid is the real deal, but don’t take my word for it, check out this new track on Spotify down below and all other streaming services here.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by BENADRYL

Artwork by Tasnim Mashfu