LA-based artist Simon Sea makes his debut today with ‘Shift’, a four-track EP comprised of hazy guitar riffs and enticing songwriting.

Sea puts out just enough material to let a listener know what he’s about, mixing a raw indie sound with shoegaze synth textures and punchy 808s. It’s a style that’s not too far off from what his cohorts have been putting out, and while Sea’s self-produced aesthetic fits with other artists in the west coast indie scene, he manages to distinguish himself at the same time. He bookends the EP with two of its strongest tracks, opening with the pop-punkish banger “Broke Boi’ and closing with the trappy Yeek-assisted track “Planet”. On the song “Hurricane”, Sea brings in fellow LA artist DOTHA, who’s also in the midst of his own come up right now.

Short but effective, ‘Shift’ offers a tempting introduction to Simon Sea and leaves the door open for what’s next from the west coast creative.