SHH – [Keshore]

Keshore is an artist I have been covering regularly for quite some time now, and the reasons why run deep. He is one of the most versatile artists in hip-hop right now, giving us songs that run the gamut from r&b to rap to even some electronic inspirations, but the thing about Ke is, he always does so in an out of the box, innovative way that fans might not expect, but we appreciate, nonetheless. Beyond this, his personality is simply unmatched when compared to anyone else because he shows that he’s the life of the party even on tracks that might be slower or more melodic, and this is something that just can’t be taught no matter how hard one may try.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of linking up with Ke as he opened for $NOT on tour at the Patio Theater here in Chicago, and although I had seen copious amounts of videos of him performing, they simply don’t do enough justice and he’s one artist I can say with the utmost confidence that you NEED to see live if he comes through your city. He captivates the entire audience from the front to the back, jumping into mosh pits and making sure everyone is having an unforgettable time while pausing shows to make sure everyone’s safe and having fun which is more important than ever right now.

Beyond my little rant there, I was so excited to find out that Ke went back to his roots and dropped a brand-new song on SoundCloud entitled “SHH” just a few days ago, so I knew I was going to write about it as soon as I got back to my computer this week. Produced by Brokeboishy, Electronic, distorted synths create a lively melody that is joined by piercing percussion and speaker-busting 808s that give Keshore the opportunity to go off the rails like only he knows how.

Rather than really letting himself off the leash, he instead decides to utilize a laid-back, nonchalant flow that is full of intricate lyricism and addicting wordplays that I know I’ll be rapping along with as soon as I learn the lyrics myself. In order to incorporate some of his trademark enthusiasm, he shows off his wilder side in his ad-libs, unleashing some energy in the distance with some entertaining background vocals that truly tie this entire track together tremendously. I definitely hope that Keshore decides to bring “SHH” to all streaming platforms, but either way, this is a song I’m going to add to my rotation from here on out, and after you get the chance to listen, you’ll understand exactly why.