Damo is a creative from Atlanta that is making his first appearance on our website this afternoon with his brand new offering titled “She Loves Me” featuring aman & Mezzy. Typically I try not to cover music if it wasn’t released in the past couple of months, but this joint coming in at a month old was too good to past up on, I had share this one with our audience. It’s a simplistic yet extremely ear-pleasing joint that I have had playing for at least twenty minutes, it has such a beautiful and angelic tone to it. The crazy part about this release is that Damo said that he and the homies just recorded this in his bedroom while they were chilling; just imagine how good his music is going to sound once he’s in a studio! The sky is the limit for this young emcee and I will be following his career moving forward, go ahead and get in tune with him by pressing play below.