I’ve been familiar with a producer by the name of Cor Blanco for quite some time now, and today, this knowledge has certainly helped me out, as it has led me to the discovery of an immaculate rising talent by the name of Elektra and her smooth new single, “Shady”. Combining the energy and ingrained bounce of electronic production with the seamlessly beautiful deliveries of an R&B song, this offering capitalizes in the areas of personality, attitude, and sound. Elektra uses her broad range of talents, both lyrical and sonic, to her advantage, and the result is a simplistic yet spectacular offering that I simply can’t seem to keep off of repeat. With this, Elektra and Cor Blanco are certainly a one-two punch when matched up together, and this musical cooperation shines through on “Shady” in just about every applicable sense. Check this one out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!