SEX – [No Suits]

With a clear and present pioneer mindset, No Suits lives and breathes the idea that many flavors always make the best product. The four-person band, made up of former classmates, is getting their Lyrical Lemonade debut today for their newly released seven-track album, SEX. Combining a medley of styles, flows, subject matter, and even languages, No Suits proves their ability in making a project that is undeniably concise while simultaneously sporadic in the best way possible.

Opened by the groovy funk ballad, “Sue,” No Suits, sets a prime example of the kind of funky-rock-fueled bravado that lives and breathes throughout their new album. Seamlessly transitioning into the blissed-out and love-struck mentality of “Bad Bitch” the four-piece band finds a center between shimmering alternative and swag-laced R&B. Almost through a natural progression, the project continues with “Sugar,” a rap centric exhibition that combines the group’s predilection for funky bass-lines with Abhi the Nomad’s lyrical chops.

After the album’s brief interlude, “Sexually Active,” comes the project’s second collaborative record, “Boat to Bermuda” featuring Kota the Friend. The new jack swing style of production on the album’s fifth record exudes breezy vibes and summer’s warm embrace. Primed with high energy, the album’s proceeding record, “William Foe,” takes the tempo down a degree while remaining undeniably sticky from a sonic perspective. Melty vocals, sweaty guitar implementation, and a laid-back flow help reel the album down as it comes to a close. No Suits concludes its album with, “3 Wishes,” a groovy mellow jam that beautifully brings the album to its end with sunny guitar licks and rich vocals. No Suits said the below about their latest release, saying,

“When we came out with our first EP ‘Virgin’ we were pretty young and inexperienced (and of course still virgins) we view ‘SEX’ as the evolution of our sound, drawing from a bunch of different genres (hip hop, funk, RnB) and weaving them together to make something totally new. We’re super stoked on how it came out, and we’re definitely going to continue to grow and experiment. Who knows, maybe at some point we’ll actually get laid.”

Listen to the new album SEX by No Suits below.