Serpintina – [BBY GOYARD]

I’m beyond excited that this month pretty much officially marks the two-year anniversary of my time writing for Lyrical Lemonade, and over the course of these past couple of years, I’ve had the privilege of writing about some of the greatest music and artists in the industry, no matter how big or small they might be. While I enjoy covering nationally-known acts, I definitely prefer to cover the underground because there is never any shortage of creativity or personality in this scene, and the rest of the world just needs a little extra urge to catch on.

One of the artists who I’ve covered copiously throughout my tenure is BBY GOYARD, and I’ve even gotten the chance to speak with him and get to know him on a slightly more personal level to the point where I feel like I can consider him a friend, and that’s not something I take for granted for even a second. Despite the fact that he took a bit of a hiatus from releasing music over the past few months, he has still been grinding away in the studio, and I was beyond excited to find out that he’s back after his break with a brand-new song entitled “Serpintina”, and the wait was well worth it, in my opinion.

Produced by Bleach Diego and Mixed Matches, things open with some very electronic-sounding and almost distorted guitar melody before rock-inspired percussion enters into the picture to set the pace for this record. As GOYARD begins to sing, he opts to go with his pitched-up vocals that are bubbly and vivacious, accenting the instrumental perfectly as his smooth autotuned notes just float along over the production. Soon enough, a deep and stimulating bassline comes into play, giving some differentiation to the instrumental and setting it up for an all-out successful beat that Lil Shannon rips to shreds.

Aside from this, GOYARD shows off his versatility as he effortlessly switches up his cadences and deliveries to show his range, impressively keeping things as fresh as possible throughout the 2-and-a-half-minute run time that this song boasts. I’m so glad that BBY GOYARD’s music release pause is officially over, and with the release of this record comes the announcement that he and david shawty have a collaborative album dropping on October 28th, so while we wait to hear more details and possibly some singles off of the upcoming project, make sure you don’t miss out on BBY GOYARD’s most recent release entitled “Serpintina”.