Seeds – [Isaac Zale] Feat. [Mick Jenkins]

Isaac Zale continues to impress with the rollout of his debut album, the fourth and final single is possibly the strongest to date with “Seeds”. Every track Zale has released lately has a deeper layer of meaning behind it, with this most recent packing one of the most impactful messages in this time of resilience we currently face. Accompanied by frequent collaborator Mick Jenkins, Isaac Zale lays out a story about self-growth when the odds are stacked against you. The underlying theme behind “Seeds” is conveyed within the first few lines with Mick’s powerful hook, outlining how many people tried to write them off not knowing that the negative feedback only helped refine their craft making them stronger overall. Cherry Blu’s bouncy production allows Mick to trade-off verses with Isaac effortlessly, which has come to be their signature recipe for the outstanding music they’ve made together.

Mick Jenkins is an artist that always brings a certain feel to a track, whenever Isaac and Mick join forces on a song the result is something special. Their previous collaborations are what put a lot of people on to Isaac when he went by the name Zac Flewids, fans of those will love the evolution in Isaac’s sound with this track being their best team effort thus far. Isaac Zale also released a lyric video for the song at the end of last week, with a border closure separating Isaac and Mick, we will have to wait to see an official music video with the two but the cinematic videos definitely do a great job in bringing the song to life. Isaac is gearing up to drop his debut album None Of The Keys Fit on October 21, pre-save the album here!

Listen to “Seeds” on all platforms here and watch the lyric video below!

Produced by Cherry Blu