security – [koi]

If you know anything about my writing, you should know that I try my best to never miss out on a video that Overcast releases because they’re one of my favorite music video production companies in the world. Their creativity is never anything less than immaculate and the artists they work with are always unbelievably talented, so I don’t think they could miss if they tried. Although. They put me onto new artists all the time, I always love when they work with talents that I’m already familiar with, so when I saw that they teamed up with koi to release a visual for his song “security”, you already know that I was one of the first people to watch.

Although this video is a bit tamer when compared to some of their other work over the past couple of years, that doesn’t mean it’s not still an incredible piece of art, and it helps cement the legacy of this wonderful song that koi put together. Things begin in a library as koi walks up and down the aisles while books float around in his vicinity. Various shots take place in different areas of the book collection before we see another character who is dressed in an all-red morph suit.

This person carefully selects a book, takes a look at it, and we’re transported to a dark, dreary, rainy night as koi hangs out with an umbrella and smokes a blunt, giving us a nice change of pace. Soon enough, things head back to the library where koi walks around pushing a cart full of novels, and as he passes each aisle, there are now two red-dressed figured who actually wrestle, but this doesn’t seem to distract the artist from his duties.

Finally, one of the last scenes shows koi cracking into a thick book, but instead of him reading it, it turns out to be a stash of weed which he proceeds to roll a joint with before the video comes to a close a few seconds later. After watching, it’s no secret that Daniel Jordan K and Overcast have another successful music video under their belts, and I couldn’t be happier with the direction they’re heading in. With that being said, “security” is the latest single from koi that comes with another remarkable visual that you need to check out whenever you get the chance.