Secrets – [Midwxst]

One of the most telling signs of prolonged superstardom as a rising act in any given music scene is when that very artist successfully comes through with a full-length project that exemplifies all that they have worked towards leading up to said project in itself. It is a true moment of self-fulfillment — one that practically any iconic artist can say they have experienced at a single point in their career. 

Accomplishing that feat is certainly one thing on its own, but we’re talking about something of a different story when that very project exudes nothing else but pure passion and creative integrity as a result of all of this work put in. Not only does this sentiment work to elevate the aforementioned concept, but it also makes the sheer quality of whatever project being discussed that much greater in the process.

While it is quite clear that 17-year-old pop prodigy Midwxst infuses this exact sense of passion into literally every single track he comes through with, he has successfully gone above and beyond to achieve all that these previous descriptions have to offer in such graceful fashion with his debut album Secrets

Over the length of 9 exceptional tracks, Midwxst makes it abundantly clear that his sense of creativity and pure artistry alone are here to stay for the longest future ahead — as this album is a star-making performance through and through. Not a dull minute, nor even a single second makes itself apparent on this project as it stands, and it makes quite a lot of sense as to why this is the case knowing the following notion.

Midwxst put every last bit of his artistic drive into this album, as his incredibly blissful vocals and equally forceful delivery make each track an absolute odyssey on their own. His presence on the mic never lets up for a single second, and the ways in which he simply owns the moment on each given song gives credence to the fact that we’re looking at an artist who’s just as much of a storyteller as a he is a pure performer in his own right.

He is able to deliver such an emphatic experience over some remarkably well-executed production — as a the star-studded combination of acts like Elxance, Thislandis, Fortuneswan, and Wido create an instrumental atmosphere that is completely of its own variety, and certainly one that sticks out even adjacent to Midwxst’s own presence throughout the album’s entire runtime.

But it is how he and the featuring artists here combine their own distinct talents over these distorted, yet soaring and blissful instrumentals that truly puts this album in its own distinct lane. Not only does Midwxst find a way to submerge his fluttering vocals inside these rough and complex beats, but so too do his Helix Tears contemporaries like 8485 and Blackwinterwells on “By Your Side” — the latter of the two providing a great deal of the production on the project herself. Aldn’s performance on “Backseat” and ericdoa’s on “Decay” also communicate that exact same sentiment, practically serving as the culminating factor in this absolutely stacked lineup of talent here.

No single album to be released this year has truly stood out in the same artistic sense as Secrets has successfully done here — and if that doesn’t prove Midwxst’s unmatched state among the ever-rising pop scene as it stands today, then nothing else will. What he was able to accomplish here will stand the test of time as a complete and utter landmark moment in not only his own career in itself, but the scene he has helped to elevate perhaps more than anyone else in his light.