Secrets – [Landon Cube]

There are a few names here at Lyrical Lemonade that we’ve seen glow up over the past few years, and seeing their careers take off, maybe thanks to a little help from us, makes me sit back and smile. Obviously, these artists have the skills to take off regardless, but getting a video with Cole can never hurt, so when he made his LL debut in the visual for “Red Roses”, you already knew he had star potential and was capitalizing on this every chance he got.

Teaming up with a regular videographer is also a good idea, especially when you have someone as talented as Sam McGrath, and after seeing so many videos from the young and talented director, I always know we’re in for a treat. Most recently, Landon dropped his self-produced track “Secrets”, receiving a little production assistance from Tito Beats, and this was an instant classic as well as something I know I’ll be bumping for the foreseeable future. As far as the video is concerned, Sam is always someone who thinks outside the box, and even after all of the unbelievable flicks he has put together, he somehow managed to outdo himself yet again on this one.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel or do anything crazy, he decided to bring us back to where everything started, recreating the opening scene from Landon’s “Red Roses” video from more than 4 years ago, and I was absolutely blown away with this call-back. Opening up, Landon heads out of an RV in Joshua Tree, California with a guitar before sitting down, beginning to play, and allowing the song to take shape.

Although it’s a long way away from Plano, Illinois where the original was shot, the multifaceted artist wanders around deserted roads, hangs out in the sand-filled desert on a hammock, and keeps himself company as he makes his way throughout this remarkable record. Landon Cube is a superstar whether you like it or not, and “Secrets” was one of the best videos I’ve seen all month, making it something you absolutely need to check out immediately before you move on with your day.