Seal777- [2kthagoon]

For years and years at this point, I have slowly but surely accumulated a very vast collection of underground artists who I have to pay attention to every single time they drop new music. At the very top of this list is undoubtedly 2kthagoon for so many different reasons. Back when I first found out about him, he was putting out so much music that I felt as if I could blink and miss a new drop, so that work ethic was something I admired and respected. Even if not every single song topped his previous release, the fact that he kept trying out different styles and experimenting made me eager to return for more new music to see just what kind of style he was trying out each time. More recently, his experimentations continue but his releases are a bit more spaced out. With this being the case, however, you can tell the quality and pure effort that goes into each and every release is so much more thought out and professional, which is definitely necessary to get to the next level in his career. I personally think 2k is making some of the best music of his life recently which has me even more excited to see what he’s hiding up his sleeve for the future.

For now, he decided to surprise fans yesterday with yet another incredible new track entitled “Seal777”. The beat is brought to life by Kazza and Soldado, two producers who I’m not extremely familiar with but I definitely need to tune into more considering they absolutely murdered the production on this record. They utilize pensive, meditative synths to create a base that is airy and makes you feel like you’re floating in the clouds. Shaking percussion and punchy drums come in as the beat drops, adding rhythm and tempo that bumps the entire time. The way the instrumental is built with the percussive elements makes it sound like it’s a take on a drill beat that the late and legendary Pop Smoke would use, and that’s a style that definitely needs to be utilized more often, in my opinion. As 2k begins to sing, his vocal pitch is elevated to pair well with the dreamy elements in the production, bringing even more appeal to the song than ever before. In the background, even higher-pitched singing and humming can be heard to add additional layers to his vocals and although he might have a lot of effects on his voice, there still seems to be this purity behind his words that is hard to explain, but it’s understandable once you take a moment to listen.

As the hook plays out, his cadence is consistent and uses the same elements line after line, contributing to the fact that the chorus is most likely going to get stuck in your head due to just how catchy it turns out to be. In his verse, though, he uses a similar delivery but changes some of his vocal inflections in order to not come off as too repetitive, and this strategy is executed flawlessly. In the end, 2k’s vocals cut out but the beat plays for almost an entire minute, allowing for his thoughts and talents to linger in the air and remain on your mind while still getting to listen to the fantastic instrumental. As far as lyrics are concerned, 2k details the fact that he has trust issues with almost everyone in his life due to past events, he talks about his loyalty to those who have his back as well, and also his usage of drugs in order to cope with some of the struggles he has been confronted with throughout his life.

After listening to virtually any 2kthagoon song, I don’t think anyone would be able to argue with my opinion that he’s one of the best up and coming underground artists out there in the current climate of Rap music. His vocals are just so crisp and clean while his experimentations almost always come to fruition in such incredible fashions that I’m not sure how you couldn’t enjoy his music. The beat on this latest track was once again incredible, per usual, and it just paired seamlessly with 2k’s autotuned vocals. When he released this song, he posted it to Twitter with a caption saying, “I’m back”, so I’m really hoping that means that there’s more music to follow soon after this because I’m always up for new 2k offerings. Either way, “Seal777” is going to be a mainstay on my playlist for a while, without a doubt in my mind. While we wait to see what moves 2kthagoon is going to be making hopefully sooner rather than later, be sure to tune into his most recent single as soon as you get a chance.