Scraps – [BONES] & [Lyson]

It should be no secret to you that BONES is probably the most prominent underground legend in the entire landscape of music, but if that’s new to you, you probably have a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, he is never one to slow down or put his foot on the breaks, and this year more than ever seems to prove that. In 2021 alone, BONES has released 5 full-length albums throughout the year, and with the fact that we’re still a month out from the new year, he might not even be done.

Instead of lingering in the uncertainty of what the rest of the year will bring for the Michigan star, I want to focus on the present, and that’s because he just dropped off another full-length album entitled Scraps, but the outcome is anything but a collection of loosies. Teaming up with TeamSESH producer Lyson on this release, he is able to give BONES a plethora of different sounds that bring out his aptitudes and let his skills shine more than ever. I just feel like working with an in-house producer that you have so much chemistry with always yields the best results, and this project is definitely evidence of my point of view.

Opening up strong with “CousinEDDIE”, a horn shines out as drums and percussion pierce through to your soul. While the instrumental is super hard, BONES’ delivery is full of violence, hitting your ears with so much aggression and assault that you might feel personally attacked, but that’s what makes it such a great opener, in my opinion. Later on, “DeadEnd” hits you like a brick wall as the piano keys tickle your eardrums while BONES’ hard-hitting deliveries continue to rattle off like a bat out of Hell.

A few songs later, we arrive at “CallWaiting” which features a frantic melody and intense percussive elements, but this time around, BONES decides to lighten his delivery and sing some serene yet almost melancholic notes that could fit in at a religious ceremony just as well as they would in an underground concert.

Finally, the last song I personally wanted to highlight is “WeCanGetGum”, although I could go on for days about every other track featured on this album. This one boasts a low-key beat that incorporates a troublesome melody with ruthless percussion that doesn’t work too hard to overpower BONES’ natural talents. His flows on this record are just impeccable as he moves on from line to line, allowing his vocal effects to echo right into the next bar seamlessly.

BONES is obviously a legend if I haven’t made that clear enough yet, but Scraps is just more evidence of this, making it an album you need to check out as the weather continues to grow cold and the days begin to shorten because this time of the year is the perfect time to tap in with BONES’ unique and menacing sound.