Scottie Beam- [Freddie Gibbs] & [The Alchemist] ft. [Rick Ross]

The Alchemist has been on an absolute roll this year so far. Then again, it’s not out of the question to say that he’s been on a roll for decades, so it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise in the slightest. He has released three unbelievable projects with Boldy James, Conway the Machine, and of course, Freddie Gibbs, and each one of these tapes he was able to bring something different yet equally impressive to the table. I have to admit that I’ve listened to his and Freddie’s project Alfredo more than the other two, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I can’t believe the chemistry and bond that Al is able to form with every artist he works with.

One of my favorite songs off of the aforementioned project has got to be “Scottie Beam” which also features Rick Ross. In case you somehow haven’t heard it up until this point, The Alchemist utilizes mystifying synths of some sort coupled with very relaxed, toned-down tapping percussion and equally calm drums to provide a jazzy and beyond smooth instrumental. Freddie’s delivery is calm and composed, but it almost sounds like there’s slight aggression in his voice that he’s trying to keep inside and not let out. Beyond this, as soon as I heard the beat, I knew just how perfect Rick Ross would fit in, and I was completely right because he totally murders his verse. His deep, somewhat raspy voice comes off unphased and slicker than almost anyone else I’ve ever heard, and his flows are just at an expert level. Although they’re not overly quick or hurried, there’s just this intricacy to them that you don’t hear nearly as often in this current state of Rap music. Throughout their expert bars displaying their beyond skilled lyricism, the rappers cover topics like police, guns, money, prayers, and even some of their fears such as death, among many other interesting things.

I brought up this song in the first place because it just got a brand-new music video treatment that makes it even more intriguing than ever before. As the visual opens up, Freddie and his girl are driving down an empty road in an old school hot rod. They pass a police officer who begins to tail them before promptly pulling them over. Freddie is hesitant to stop because he is carrying a pistol, but he comes to a halt despite his better judgment. As the police officer gets out, he immediately unholsters his gun and points it at the rapper, who gets out of the car with his hands up and meets the cop in the street. Soon enough, he catches the police officer off guard and knocks the gun out of his hand, eventually picking it up, shooting, and killing the policeman.

Obviously, Freddie is now on the run and the camera shows a scene of Rick Ross watching TV as a breaking news story comes on the screen and shows Gibbs’ picture, stating that he’s wanted. Freddie calls Rick and eventually meets up at his condo in Miami where he seems to ask for his help to evade the law once and for all. Rick ends up setting Freddie up with a huge amount of cash to take with him as he escapes, and Freddie soon heads to a boat with his lady where he hands the captain a stack and gets in the cabin below. On the way to Jamaica which is where they’re headed, they drink, smoke, and throw cash around as they celebrate the success of their escape. Some time passes and they have arrived at their beachfront bungalow where they relax and remain what looks to be unphased by the prior events. Soon enough, Freddie gets a call from Rick who checks in on his well-being right before the visual comes to an end.

I’m a massive fan of this music video and the other visual that they released some time ago for the project’s song “1985”. There’s a deeper plot that pairs seamlessly with the narratives that are spoken in the song, and the production value truly shows. I think a lot of the newer, younger generation of artists can learn a lot from both a music perspective as well as a music video perspective by paying attention to these visuals because you just don’t get videos like this anymore, unfortunately. That’s why when someone like Freddie does come together with Rick Ross to create this film, it should be appreciated and praised, without a doubt. Don’t just take my word for it, though, and check out the brand-new visual for “Scottie Beam” below.