Kembe X continues his strong 2019 return to music with a brand new video for his single “Scoreboard.” This track is the latest to receive a set of visuals from his album ‘I Was Depressed Until I Made This’ that dropped back in late October. One thing that stood out for me on Kembe’s 13-track album is the range of his song making ability. After you watch this video for “Scoreboard” listen to records like “Killscope” and “Spotlight.” None of those songs sound remotely the same but Kembe’s able to keep the same narrative throughout the album. The Chicago veteran is able to illustrate the different ways he maneuvers through struggling with mental awareness. By doing this he also shows how it reshapes his perception of the world around him. Psycho Films and Kembe were able to create a great video for this record and the lighting and colors for the video were very hypnotic in a lot of scenes and transitions.

Watch Kembe X’s video for “Scoreboard” after the break below.