Here on Lyrical Lemonade, we love putting the readers onto new talent and discoveries that they may not be familiar with. With that, it comes as no secret that Massachusetts is home to an abundance of promising talent right now, and within this flourishing scene are the standout names of Saint Lyor, James Guild, Luke Bars, and Lord Felix. Today, these four join our pages to showcase their chemistry with a new Leo The Kind-produced single titled “Scales”. Sonically, this track catches all four talents at their absolute primes. The mysterious sound clashes with unforgiving cadences and a dope showcase of lyrical prowess, offering an unapologetic account of life for these four and the experiences that they have gone through. All in all, “Scales” is a perfect introduction to the abilities and potential of not only Saint Lyor, but the guests that he brought on the mic for this one, as well. As Massachusetts’ queue of uncovered talent continues to grow, make sure you’re hip to the latest artists coming out of the state by listening to “Scales” below.