Save Me – [Dro Kenji]

It’s no secret that Internet Money is a label full of masterminds beginning with Taz Taylor and Nick Mira, but the team grows so much deeper than that. When it comes to some of the amazing people that work with IM, they never put their faith into an artist they don’t believe in, and Dro Kenji is the epitome of this. His work and popularity have grown tenfold since working with and signing to the label, and his stock price is only going to continue going up as he continues to prove just how much of a workhorse he truly is. Although he has put out a slew of projects over the past few months alone, I was more than happy to see him revisit one of my personal favorite projects from last year called Tears and Pistols to bring his hit single “Save Me” to life with the help of director Fuck Austyn.

Throughout the entire video, Dro is in the middle of darkness as a spotlight shines on him and a lovely female companion who is all over him the entire time. Although this is basically the gist of it all, some of his hand movements are slowed and staggered as if to show that he’s not fully confident in his relationship or something along those lines. Other shots even show him and his girl becoming blurred and coming in and out of existence to combine with the hook’s line “save me, before I dissipate baby”, and I felt like this was a nice touch. Finally, one of my favorite shots shows Dro with a bandana over his eyes as blood seems to leak down instead of tears, showing that even the deepest love can cause pain at the same time.

While Dro Kenji has quickly become one of my favorite artists in the current music scene, I’m always blown away when remembering that he’s only 19 and his career is only barely beginning to gain some traction. Fans continue to flock his way, and rightfully so, yet he hasn’t even turned on the jets, stepped on the gas, or even gotten started yet, so when this happens, I can only imagine where his career is headed, and I think you can too. While he’s hyping up the release of his upcoming album Fuck Your Feelings which is set to release June 18th, taking a trip back in time for the “Save Me” video was definitely a nice stroll down memory lane even though that wasn’t even a half year ago. Whether you were a fan back then or just getting familiar with the South Carolina native now, you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on this release, so make sure to check it out whenever you possibly can.