Sauce ft. Vince Staples – [Reason]

Ahead of his forthcoming album ‘New Beginnings’ which is set to drop on October 9th TDE’s Reason releases another fast-paced single with “Sauce.” People continue to complain and antagonize Punch about releases from the TDE camp, but here we are we’ve gotten releases from SZA, Isiah Rashard, and now we have a Reason album on the way. This Bizness Boi and Nil$ produced single serves as an anthem for anyone who is grinding it out and waiting for their moment to shine. One thing that I respect about this record is that Reason and Vince don’t shy aware from their plight to where they once were to now. Director Omar Jones really details the daily life of Reason between Los Angeles to Carson. The way that theses videos are shot is so appealing to the eye as it reminds me of a fisheye lens and gives me Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas vibes. There’s a good balance between reality and hope which has been somewhat of a staple throughout Reason’s life and his music career.

Watch Reason’s new video “Sauce” featuring Vince Staples for yourself after the break.