Sam Morrison’s September Favorites

Every so often, I get enormous bursts of inspiration that I cannot seem to shake. My latest one came in the form of what you’re about to read. With so much great music coming out these days, it’s almost impossible to pick favorites…but today, I’m going to try. For the next 5 minutes of your life, I ask for nothing more than a little piece of your attention as I take you on a trip into my music listening cycle. A lot of great music dropped during the month of September, which is why I decided it would be a blast to highlight some songs that I thought were absolutely exceptional. I often times specialize in covering artists who are just breaking on to the scene, but every once in a while, I love getting to show love to some talent who we already know and love. So, without further ado, keep scrolling down to check out my favorite 16 songs from the month of September; IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

1. amphetamine-[boylife]

boylife has been one of those artists who never ceases to amaze me with his music. Each time I head to his Spotify page, I’m always elated to figure out which vibe I’m going to make the soundtrack of my day. It just seems like every single song he drops breathes life in to my most mundane circumstances, which points to his innate gift and talent to create music that connects to a wide array of listeners. “amphetamine” was one of my September jams that I found myself going back to any time I wanted to put a friend on to someone fire and it never failed. I can’t say enough nice things about boylife, but the least I can do is turn you all on to his latest offering that should be circulating through your daily library!

2. Think You Right-[Whethan] feat. [ericdoa] & [glaive]

If there are two up and comers who have completely delivered over the past year or so, it’s definitely been glaive and ericdoa. These two hyperpop pioneers have been everywhere and the hype is rightly given as they continue to get better and better every single time they release music. September was a great month and I attribute a lot of that to the song they dropped in conjunction with none other than Whethan. The track, “Think You Right” is a quick and hard hitting vibe that you’ll be rewinding and rewinding for hours on end. glaive and ericdoa completely show out on this well rounded piece while Whethan was able to bring depth and a new level of excitement to this piece. This is one you need to peep if you missed it!

3. Plane Ticket-[Steinza]

I wrote about Steinza not too long ago, so a lot of you are probably already familiar with his infectious new track called, “Plane Ticket”, but it was only right that I added him on to this list. The Virginia native has completely impressed me with his music and I’m so excited for his growth as an artist. When I think about September 2021, I think about this song as it was a common go to whenever I needed a vibe to indulge in.

4. Many Times-[Dijon]

I have been an absolute Dijon stan from the moment I came across Abhi//Dijon way back when and today it’s no surprise that I maintain that level of fandom. “Many Times” is just the last masterpiece by this amazing soul that’s brought to us in collaboration with world class artist Mk.gee. Dijon is a perfectionist, which is why every song he blesses us with lacks flaws, but rather overflows with thoughtfulness and intentionality. If you’re looking for a cool alt-rock vibe to get you through the week, make sure you check this one out.

P.S. Dijon, if you read this, I’m your biggest fan and would love to break some bread some time. You’re a legend.

5. Sexy Villain-[Remi Wolf]

Remi Wolf is another artist who has had a piece of my heart for some time now. After DM’ing her back in early 2019, it has been an absolute pleasure seeing her go from 0-100 real quick. I could list a myriad of Remi Wolf songs that get me going, but her latest, “Sexy Villain” currently holds the top spot of my favorite song right now. Remi spazzed on this track and that’s really the only way I can encapsulate my thoughts regarding it. If I was dying in a desert somewhere and someone offered me water or the chance to listen to this song, I’m going to heaven with this song blasting in my head.

6. SCOOP-[Lil Nas X] feat. [Doja Cat]

Say what you want about Lil Nas X, but it is an undeniable fact that he possesses an extensive skill set that yells generational talent. From he and his team’s top notch marketing rollout (Shoutout Columbia and my girl Ana Moldonado), all the way to the intentional features, the Rising Star’s debut album MONTERO was nothing short of a triumph. Although there are truly no skips on this project, one of my favorite songs has to be “SCOOP”, as the hard hitting production shows off a side of Lil Nas X that I’m excited to see more of. Doja absolutely killed her verse on here which adds more depth and edge to an already impressive offering. This track has been on repeat for me from the moment it dropped and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

7. Rageless Hope-[99 Neighbors]

During the month of September, Vermont collective, 99 Neighbors released their Sophomore album called “Wherever You’re Going I Hope It’s Great”. I knew this entire project was going to be great, but at this point, great can only serve as an insulting understatement to this group who has poured so much of themselves into their music. Each song is delicately crafted and interwoven with meaningful storytelling and convicting one-liners. One of my standouts on the project outside of “49er” is the very first track called, “Rageless Hope” as it immediately grabs your attention and fully draws you in to the world of a group that will inevitably receive all of the praise they’re due for.

8. Scab Song-[Dora Jar]

I will say this once and I will say it again; THE most important artist to exist right now is Dora Jar and her music has been consistently backing up this fact. The New York based talent is building an extensive fan based filled with just about any person you can think of ranging from status to popularity. Dora creates music that breaks down barriers and uplifts spirits, which is why she’s captivating the hearts of people all over the world. Although she just kicked off her tour, Dora decided to release a much anticipated song called, “Scab Song” that shines a light on her truest form; a storyteller. “I’ve got a scab on my leg” are lyrics I never thought I’d be singing with confidence, but here we are and I’m loving it. Dora continues to touch my soul with the beautiful music she drops and I can’t wait to see what else she does.

9. Dobby 21-[1010 Benja SL]

The Mysterious 1010 Benja SL seems to pop in and pop out whenever he wants, but you can definitely do that when you make the caliber of music that he does. About 3 years ago, I came across his popular songs, “Boofiness” and “Wind Up Space” and ever since, I have been following his every move. In 2020, 1010 released a song called “Dobby” that further deepened my intrigue with his artistry and nearly a year later, he came back with a new rendition of the song called, “Dobby 21”. When you listen in, these two are virtually identical when it comes to the lyrics, but musically they are two different pieces. “Dobby 21” is a breath of fresh air and it kept me on my toes the entire time, not knowing what to expect. 1010 Benja SL has one of the most unforgettable voices right now and I’ll continue checking in on anything he does!

10. death wish-[ROLE MODEL]

When the name ROLE MODEL comes to mind, the first word that pops into my head is consistent. From first stepping on to the music scene, all the way to present day, this spectacular talent has been one of the most consistent individuals in the industry and his music does nothing but attest to that. On top of that, it seems like he’s bumping it up a notch with one of his latest singles, called “Death Wish”. Just in time for spooky season, “death wish” is a straight heater that will hit you in your gut as soon as you hear his smooth vocals and heart capturing production. This is another song that I can’t seem to get out of my head which is just a testament to ROLE MODEL’S catchy melodies and lyrical flow. Consistency is key in building a career and this song proves that.

11. Messy Love-[Nao]

I’ve been a Nao fan for some time now and it’s amazing to be able to witness a generational voice who I will be playing for my children one day. This past month, the legend released her 3rd album called, “And Then Life Was Beautiful” and just like the title, it truly is nothing short of Beautiful. This is a project that you can listen all the way through with ease and enjoyment, but if you’re looking for a standout, “Messy Love” has been my favorite thus far. Nao has always had a hold on my heart due to her unforgettable vocal tone and soulful production and this song excels at both. There are really no flaws in this one, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone of her caliber.

12. Grade A- Spill Tab (feat. JAWNY]

spill tab deserves everyone’s full attention and that’s something I’ll be advocating for as long as I have a platform to write on. I’ve been following her moves closely over the past year or so and I have been immensely impressed by many things outside of her raw talent. This girl just seems like the coolest person around and that’s half of the battle when trying to break in an industry filled with prominent personalities. The way she carries herself from her swagger down to her style makes it easy to fall in love with every aspect of her. When you factor in her artistry, you receive a budding star on a silver platter which is why people should immediately take notice! Her song “Grade A” is an infectious vibe that you wish never had an end. As soon as the song starts, spill wastes no time in showcasing her angelic vocals which lead the way for JAWNY to add some serious flare to close it out. This is just a fun one to turn on and escape to. I’m hype for this girl and you should be too!

13. MIA-[Forrest Nolan]

My buddy Forrest Nolan just has a knack for music making and it’s so much fun getting to watch him grow into the star that he’s becoming. I got completely hooked on him after diving into his song “Second Base” and ever since then, I’ve been absolutely hooked on his discography. I’ve found so much peace and excitement listening to his music due to his intentional writing and down to earth storytelling. His latest track, “MIA” is the perfect fall vibe for anyone who is knee deep in some relationship blues. Held together by a simple guitar strum, this song is just an honest piece that has immense replay value. Forrest continues to kill it and I don’t see him stopping any time soon.

14. Noah Guy-[KEEP ME ON]

One of the most hard working up and comers in the industry is an LA-Based artist named Noah Guy. Every day it seems like I see a new tiktok from pop up on my fyp that showcases all that he’s working on. For a while, he was teasing a soulful track that I couldn’t wait for him to drop and when it did, it completely exceeded my expectations. “KEEP ME ON” has definitely been one of my favorite releases from the month of September by far and it’s not even close. Noah has an energy that draws you into him and once he’s got you, the music just speaks for itself. There’s so much to like about “KEEP ME ON” from an overall piece, but I’ll let you all spin that and let me know your thoughts!

15. Papi’s Home-[Drake]

Drake doesn’t need love from me to validate his greatness, but it’s always a pleasure getting to write about a legend. At this point, CLB has been out for around a month, which has given me more than enough time to digest his body of work; and although there are come hits on this project, the one song I find myself consistently going back to is none other than “Papi’s Home”. This isn’t one of his most trending songs on the album, but it is undoubtedly my favorite offering out of them. Like I said, Drake does not need my validation, but I can’t help but go back to this song any time I need something to lift my spirits and get my energy going. This is one of the songs you wish were 10 minutes long, but I’m eternally grateful for what we got in this one.

16. I’m Good-[Reagan Capaci]

I had the chance to see Reagan Capaci live not too long ago and it was obviously apparent that this girl was born to sing. But don’t worry, you don’t have to wait to see her live to be made aware of that. Last month, fresh off of her T-Pain shoutout, Reagan released a song called “I’m Good” that raised her stock in every way. Reagan has one of the most unique voices you’ll ever hear and when you pair that with the tasteful production on her tracks, you get exposed to vibes that are out of this world. Make sure you tap in with this pure talent who has an even purer soul and put her at the top of all your playlists!