Salsa – [Torchh]

One of the most exciting faces in the Newark, New Jersey rap scene that I have not yet profiled is Torchh whose consistency and tenacity that he approaches music with have endeared him greatly to fans in his city who appreciate his taste in unique beats and his menacing baritone flow, not to mention the obvious sense of humor this guy has that shines through his lyrics and charismatic videos that literally show his area behind him. His most recent video incorporates another element of New Jersey and NYC culture which is the massive hispanic influence on their neighborhoods and Torchh acknowledges this by reworking a salsa track into a raucous drill track, walking into his neighborhood deli and opening with the ubiquitous request of “AYO Pop! Lemme get a bacon, egg, and cheese!” before dropping into the trunk-rattling instrumental. Rari Digital and Torchh have an obvious chemistry and every time they link up it ends up being memorable and Rari fully captures the undeniable energy of Torchh and his crew. I am sure that this will not be the last video we get from Torchh this summer and think he will be having a huge next year if he keeps his foot on the gas.