Sad But True-[Sansol The Artist]

Sansol The Artist first made it onto my radar a few weeks back for the release of his latest single called, “U & I”. Instantly, I was intrigued by this up and comers total knack for music in general. If you really check out Sansol, you’ll quickly realize that he is far more than an artist, but a true musician who is devoted to the deep development of his craft and passion for touching people with music. If you haven’t heard of him, here’s a chance for that to change. The rising talent just dropped a a collection of songs that is definitely worth your time.

The new album called, “Sad But True” is a triumph to say the least. 17 songs filled with a plethora of appearances makes for an amazing offering for Sansol. With some help from others, Sansol has managed to create an entire piece that is a must listen for your weekend. I told you all about the “U & I” track and what makes the song even better is that Sansol decided to release the music video along with the album. I’ve attached both down below, so give them a spin and let us know what you think!