Saba + PIVOT GANG || Kenny Beats: The Cave S3E8

Saba and PIVOT GANG may have came to Kenny Beats’ incredible freestyle series The Cave with some of the best content I’ve seen and heard on the show.

“Do what I want, I don’t fit in a box,” Saba says, and rightfully so.

Saba and PIVOT GANG as a whole are an incredibly unique partnership, and each time I hear something by the group I become more of a fan. So when Kenny Beats announced that they’d be the next guest on the show, I couldn’t wait.

They certainly didn’t disappoint, beginning the video with a philosophical conversation regarding the creative process and the nuances of musical production that give viewers an insight to just how intricate and talented these artists are.

Kenny begins with some testing of various samples until he found one to fit the energy, and went to work. The beat allows the three PIVOT GANG members; Saba, Joseph Chilliams, and Frsh Waters, to deliver a three-verse masterpiece that could be turned into a studio hit, should it be released.

The creativity and genuineness Kenny brings out of visiting artists is unmatched, and this weeks episode of the cave shows exactly that.

Watch it on YouTube, below!