Papichulooteej looks to close out the summer with a sun-soaked pair of singles. His new release, S.O.T.R. includes lush features from the equally impressive talents of Marcos G and Victor Internet. This is one collaborative effort I think we can all agree was needed as our summer begins to wind down and we transition into fall.

S.O.T.R. kicks off with its opening track, “S.O.S” a light-hearted produced record that finds its center between groovy guitar progression and crisp kick-drum patterns. Reminiscing on old memories of a past relationship, papichuloteej pleads his case to be saved by his former sweetheart. The Nevada crooner passes the baton to his feature-mate Marcos G who continues to build on the sultry-smooth agenda. It’s easy to get caught up in the glittery nostalgia created by these two as they paint a vivid picture of old flames and the fondness we attach to their memory. A soft transition finds us amid the two-packs second record, “Distant.” Where the previous record reveled in the past-glimmer of an old flame, “Distant” is an anthem for those willing to go the extra mile, both literally and metaphorically.

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