ATM has appeared on our pages a number of times in the past, and today, he maintains the full-court pressure and makes yet another appearance with a brand new, ELEVATOR-premiered video entitled “Rush”. Directed by Lonewolf, these visuals perfectly match the upbeat, honeyed mood of the music. ATM clearly communicates how his girl makes him feel, and the music video is sure to reflect his passionate energy in ways the surpass anything one can do on a beat. Scenes of roses, hypnotic graphics, nature, and more cross the screen at an unstoppable pace, coming together to form a spectacular visual companion to add to ATM’s long resume of high-quality releases. If there’s one song that will make you a fan of this rapidly rising talent, it’s this one, so be sure not sleep. Click play at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Directed by Lonewolf
Produced by Cor Blanco