Runnin – [Jonah Ward]

Cinncinati-based crooner Jonah Ward is back with his new single entitled “Runnin.” My first introduction to Jonah was his infectious single “False Confidence.” That was back in 2020 since then Jonah has released only one other song on DSPs up until now. Those 2 years away weren’t just a waste of time as you can see how much Jonah has been crafting his sound leading up to “Runnin.” Jonah stated via email that this record shows his critique of the current climate of art consumption. At the same time, he serves as a character study of a modern artist. The hook on this record has been playing on a loop over the past week as well. This combined with Jonah’s ability to structure and build out songs is at an advanced level for an artist at his point in their career. On September 27th Ward plans to drop his debut EP which may turn out to be one of the better releases from an upcoming pop act to drop this year.

Stream, Jonah Ward‘s new single “Runnin'” for yourself after the break.