Today, I have the privilege of debuting one of the most refreshing songs I’ve heard in a very long time. This song serves as their first official release as a band, leaving no questions as to how much potential they truly have. “Runnin” is not only one of those songs that make you feel incredible on the inside, it also makes you feel like you’re unstoppable and can accomplish whatever you desire. For some background, the band is made up of four members; Noah, Liam, Cam, and Jackson. Noah is the only one that currently lives in the US, as the others reside in Australia. When I spoke to the boys about this track and what it meant to them, they answered with the story everyone wants to know. “In January, Noah came to Sydney and stayed at our flat. We started writing a song that afternoon and found ourselves up till 4am having fun and making music that we not only loved, but really connected to.” The boys then went on to say that “the first track turned into four and before we knew it we were committed to making this our life.” This record was the first track they made and “it’s about loving someone deeply but still needing to let them go. In a way, it’s fitting for us to release it as our first single,” they said, “as we let go of what our lives have looked like and go running full speed into this new chapter of music and life.” To say the LEAST, do yourself a massive favor and stream “Runnin” below. Also, follow 19&YOU on Instagram and Twitter so you can say you were on them before they were big.