runaway – [juno]

If you’re hip to the hyperpop music scene, you should know that Overcast is a company that is in touch with some of the smaller yet very promising artists, and they’re one of my favorite sources to go to when finding out about new talents. Not only this, but I’ve made it obvious in my various other articles that their music videos are some of my favorite visuals in the entire world, so I never miss a drop whenever they release something new. Most recently, Overcast and their director Daniel Jordan K teamed up with juno, a blossoming young artist who has been making waves in the hyperpop scene, and they decided to bring his Hallow and Ryo-produced song “runaway” to life, which is the lead single off of his upcoming EP dream logs.

When the video begins, juno wakes up inside a classroom that seems to be full of other misfits who look to cause trouble. A note gets passed to him, which he opens, and it reveals the title of the song as it begins to play, and the more this portion of the video continues to progress, it seems as if this seems more like after-school detention than it does an actual class. Once paper balls and paper planes begin to flay around the room, sending the detention leader into a panic, juno gets up and escapes the room, leaving school and heading out onto his own adventure.

When he gets to certain areas like train tracks and abandoned areas of his city, animated paper airplanes and other objects float around him, somewhat explaining the chaos and stresses going on inside of his head. Finally, things end on a hopeful note as he takes a seat on one of the graffiti-covered concrete barriers to look at the city, seemingly contemplating what he wants to do with his life. If he’s not quite sure, I personally think music is the right path for him because “runaway” is definitely an incredible record, and I can’t wait to dive deeper into his discography in order to familiarize myself with this unbelievably talented up-and-comer, and I highly suggest you do the same sooner rather than later.