Reflection is a prolific characteristic of music. Whether soundtracking soaring highs or crushing lows, music has the ability to induce reflection, marking perhaps one of its greatest powers. Here to present reflection in its purest form is an artist named camline with the impeccable new 3-track EP, Rumination Journal.

Admittedly, I had to refer to a quick Google search to learn what “rumination” meant, but to save those who also didn’t know some time, the word is defined as “a deep or considered thought about something.” In the context of camline’s new EP, the word that really struck my eye from this definition was “considered.”

While it may be short in length, Rumination Journal wastes no time on the surface level. Camline’s lyrics take swooping, comprehensive jabs at reflection, and when paired with such elegant, almost ethereal deliveries, listeners are immediately able to escape into presumably the same zone that the artist found himself in while creating the project. Even so, however, Rumination Journal‘s greatest achievement, at least in my opinion, is that of instrumentation.

There’s no denying that Camline’s voice is utterly gorgeous. Every word that comes out of the budding talent’s mouth strikes with honest and genuine impact, and taking things even one step further, it’s the weary-eyed, thought-provoking sense of soul that makes these deliveries so special. But none of this could occur without just the right production to match. All three songs on Rumination Journal respond only to their own pace, slowing things down almost to a halt to give listeners a chance to delve deeper and deeper into thought. Meanwhile, the dreamy melodies suspend this feeling in air, carrying the listener along as the EP floats by, full of valuable moments throughout.

That said, in a purely artistic sense, I’m truly not sure if I think of a project that I enjoyed or appreciated more than this short EP. Camline is a rare talent, and his latest release shows the marks of someone who truly and fully needs to have their voice heard on the main stage. Listen to Rumination Journal below and if you like it, be sure to shout it from the rooftops — camline deserves it.