RRWYL – [Gretchen]

As a writer, there’s truly no greater joy than finding good music and having the opportunity to pass it along to others. What’s even better though is that I also have the distinct privilege of finding great people and getting to tell others about them. I spend a lot of my days connecting with different artists and learning about them in a way that goes deeper than their Spotify Discography. You take away music and all we’re left with are the relationships we’ve made, which is why its so important that I not only feature good musicians on here but also good souls.

A good soul who I’ve had the opportunity to cross paths with is an artist named Gretchen. Over the past couple of months, Lyrical Lemonade has been home to some pretty impressive artists from Nashville, Tennessee (Ash Leone, Bren Joy, Landon Sears, etc.) and Gretchen just so happens to fall into this batch of overly talented individuals. The singer/songwriter, originally from Richmond, Virginia has been active on streaming platforms since 2017, but I’m a firm believer that she’s about catch her stride and take this thing to a whole new level. Today, Gretchen is making her debut appearance on our pages for the release of her brand new song entitled, “RRWYL”. The song has been cleverly teased and hinted at for some time now through social media and the fact that its here is exciting to say the least.

“RRWYL” is a prime example of how raw emotions should be constructively transformed into art. The retrospective piece takes us on a journey through romance, regret and reminiscing. I got a chance to grab some insight about the song from Gretchen herself and she explained that this song was written about a year ago as it details the singer’s tendency of turning inwards even with ones she loves; a tendency that a lot of people can relate to. “running round with your love” isn’t just a clever saying she put together but rather the acceptance of an issue that a lot of relationships face…including her own. The transparency that Gretchen speaks with is directly tied into the way in which she sings. There truly is no holding back when it comes to her beautiful vocal talents that shine on the Jacob Blacker produced track. 

I was really happy with this brand new release by the up and coming artist. Gretchen possess a natural star power that is hard to find in many and I’m so excited for her future. If you want to check out “RRWYL”, I’ve attached the Spotify link down below! Enjoy!