RP’s & Plan B’s – [Tony Shhnow] [10k Dunkin]

SOS members Tony Shhnow and 10kdunkin have returned with a new collaborative project titled RP’s & Plan B’s which is another solid and sonically diverse addition into each of their very deep catalogs that rarely get old because of the huge artistic risks they each take every time they release music, and this is true for all of SOS for that matter, but their continual pushing of the envelope has made for a fun ride for everyone who has been listening to them since they first arrived on the scene towards the greater demise of the “SoundCloud scene” if you will but like many other promising artists who were struggling to gain a footing as the spotlight left both that app and the particular brand of plugg-music that became its own scene and sound simultaneously.

Track three “Too” is a CashCache produced instrumental and their fellow Atlantan shined with his distinctly glimmering and cartoonish beats that take you back to 2016 or a fantasy world in an incredibly unique manner. CashCache also produced “Meg” which features Since99 and his distinctive “lawyer flow” that has earned him a lot of notoriety thanks to adept digital marketing and a frank genuineness that endeared him to many and I must admit that it is great to hear a white rapper not attempting to overly masquerade as something he isn’t and rather raps just like he speaks and bluntly with precision throughout rendering his clever and creative bars always easy to comprehend. “Producer Gotta Draco” was another one of my favorites from RP’s & Plan B’s and 10k and Tony each skated over the R&B leaning instrumental, slowing it way down in comparison to some of their lightning quick tracks with a great deal less melody. “Walkin’ Round Like Stevie” is another track with a lot of R&B influence and 10k is truly in his mode, proclaiming “soon as I get the ‘Rarri Ima park it how I want to,” and I feel him. If anybody deserves these new victories it is SOS who amidst hate and doubt from almost all angles managed to stay down til they each came up and put themselves on from the strength of their collective creativity first and foremost.

“Let It Go” and “Count On It” reminded me instrumentally of some of the beats Tony and 10k were getting on last year as SOS was releasing a lot of group projects over other fast-paced instrumentals which could seriously be pegged as “Atlanta Drill” if they wanted to coin that for some reason and this is yet another instance of them being ahead of their time by being in their own lane and focusing on how they could evolve their sound, not adapt to what’s trendy. These were fun songs to exit the mixtape on as they were almost a nod to the style that first set them apart in many ways. The outro “NY Freestyle” is a laid-back cut led by 10k who floats over the stripped back beat driven by a dejected acoustic guitar loop and accented by skittering and reserved hi-hats. It is becoming obvious that 10kDunkin and Tony Shhnow are going to do their best to innovate on every single project they put out and I hope that they are able to keep up their high rate of output for the rest of this year.