RP Mystery – [Moh Baretta]

Moh Baretta may not receive as much love from the press as many of his Surf Gang affiliates have but make no mistake, the New York rapper is armed with his own unique sound and army of envelope-pushing producers behind him to continually evolve and perfect his music. “RP MYSTERY” is his the latest song to release through the Surf Gang SoundCloud and this track’s production, led by the duo of Harrison and Eera, whose instrumental’s melodic lilt was just enough to let Moh catch his flow on this track but never, ever overshadows him and from a percussion standpoint, there aren’t many producers out who can do as much with hi-hats as Surf Gang and there is something particularly metropolitan and industrial-sounding about them and are precise and syncopated to a point where I feel like it would be pretty hard for a rapper to fall of beat on them. Baretta’s voice is foreboding but not too grimacing and beyond any mere vocal talent that he possesses lies his much more impressive writing ability which has been obvious in most all of his catalog to this point. He also builds out “RP MYSTERY’s” atmosphere with his sound-effect mimicking ad-libs. I am looking forward to hearing more from Moh Baretta and Surf Gang as a whole for the rest of this god-forsaken year and have little doubt that these guys will manage to be around long after that too.