Room 109 – [Kipp Stone]

Kipp Stone is a Cleveland native who I have been familiar with for a minute now, mostly through his work with the historic Chicago indie label Closed Sessions, and I have kept a tab on him ever since. Just last week, Kipp Stone released a brand new project called Room 109, and I am now on my third listen through the tape. The emphasis of this project seems to be what’s possible through collaboration, Kipp Stone recruited his homies Trav Hen, Nuke Franklin, Gates 216, Eddie Pearl, and JUS to all contribute to this tape – and they created something to be proud of. Kipp stopped by the LL headquarters in Chicago a few weeks back, and I asked him for a quote about the project, he added:

I want people to feel the unity for real, these are my brothers. It felt important to shine a light on everybody that I work with, everyone’s contribution needed its own home. Also, wanted to flex my production muscles a bit. I’m shoving this album down people’s throats for the rest of the year, then I have my own solo album that I plan to be finished with by then. That’s the plan for next year, definitely an album. – Kipp Stone