Romantic Homicide – [d4vd]

This month marks the third consecutive year that I’ve been with Lyrical Lemonade, making it 4 years overall including 2016 when I first wrote for this magnificent company. Throughout this time, I have connected with amazing people both online and in person, and regardless of if they’re artists, managers, A&Rs, writers, publicists, label executives, or have any other role in the music industry, I appreciate almost all of them.

Sometimes publicists can get a bad rep, and there are some that try and contact me relentlessly that make me understand why, but there are others that I have been turning to for years to put me onto the latest and greatest music from some of the business’ top artists, and I even consider a lot of these people friends at this point. I know it’s their job to send me music, but for some of them, I can tell that music is their life just as much as it is their profession, and when one of my friends hit me up today putting me on to an artist that they don’t even represent with their PR firm, I knew the artist was going to be great.

I mean, if you go out of your way to hit me up on the side because you believe in someone and truly feel like they deserve to be heard out of the kindness of your own heart, I will always try my best to listen out of respect and admiration if nothing else. Moving on from this little rant, the musician that I was sent goes by the name of d4vd, but despite his blossoming career, he’s someone that you may have even listened to already.

Considering he has almost 1.15 million monthly Spotify listeners and over 100,000 TikTok followers, I’m honestly shocked I haven’t come across him prior to today, but once I heard his song “Romantic Homicide”, I realized exactly why he was already popping off so much. The song already has over 8 million listens on Spotify alone after being out for less than a month, and the indie-fueled, calming production had me hooked from the very instant I pressed play.

As d4vd sings, his voice seems to have this filter over it that makes it sound like you’re listening on an old-school radio as you’re cruising down the countryside, but even these intentionally altered effects don’t take away from the sheer talents that d4vd possesses. His voice comes across as just so genuine and pure, so whether he’s holding onto notes with every ounce of his being or changing his intonation fluently, I feel like I become more impressed with every second that passes in this record.

Beyond this, I’m not sure how he does it but he exudes this natural perseverance that overshadows these despondent hints, giving listeners a sense of hope even after a long, hard journey of unrest or struggles. “Romantic Homicide” seriously made me look inside myself and embrace some of the things that make me feel self-conscious or insecure, and while I’m not sure if that was the goal of this track or not, it is something that made this offering feel even more powerful than I ever expected before heading into it blindly.