rock bottom – [conner]

With pop-punk making an astronomical return, artists like Los Angeles-based rock star conner are looking to lead the charge. The singer-songwriter returns with his new single, “rock bottom,” that manages to maintain his electrified attitude and sound while delving into more heart-wrenching topics and his perseverance in staying clear of “rock bottom.” Brought to life by piercing guitar strumming, crashing cymbals, manipulated vocals, and pounding drums, conner’s new single is both edgy and introspective. His balance of the in-you-face production, provided by Bluey Sport, with his more vulnerable lyrics to date, shed light on a conner we had not previously seen. Pop-punk music is in an exciting place, and artists like conner are proving that they can tap into that energy that first made us fall in love with the genre.

Listen to “rock bottom” by conner below.