Risk Taker – [Fat Nick]

I’ve been a massive supporter of underground musicians for the better part of a decade, at this point, and one of my favorite artists from the jump has always been Fat Nick. He just has this nonchalant enthusiasm behind him that combines with always energetic beats that are as aggressive as they are bass-forward, and every song he drops seems to be a hit. Even though it seems like he has taken a bit of time off, at least away from the spotlight, Nick is back and better than ever with his latest song “Risk Taker” produced by FLEXATELLI and REMY, as well as a video directed by Julian Yuri Rodriguez.

When it comes to Fat Nick videos, he’s always bringing quite the show with various characters, plots, and other interesting inclusions, and this one is absolutely no different whatsoever. As it opens, a few B-roll shots are taken, the first and most interesting one being with him standing in front of a lavish fountain with a couple of lovely ladies as he holds a Gucci backpack that is the home to a baby kangaroo, showing off some of the exotic ways of life he lives. Later on, he takes us inside of an Asian restaurant where he bellies up to the table with chopsticks and all, reciting his lines in front of the spread of food that’s fit for a king. Later on, he actually seems to be working at a gun shop where all of his homies come to buy some firearms of all sizes, taking aim in order to see which one feels right for them respectively.

All in all, Fat Nick unsurprisingly has another hit on his hands with this record, and I couldn’t be more excited to see that he’s back in action. The song itself is just another hit that he can add to his arsenal, and the video is undeniably an incredible accompaniment to the record. He seems to only keep getting better with age, and his fans know this is the case, so as we continue moving forward, I can only imagine his stock price rising exponentially. “Risk Taker” is the name of Fat Nick’s latest song, and it’s something you’re not going to want to pass up as we go into this lovely weekend.