Rising Chicago Artist Kayla B Drops “Bad Sh*t”

Female rappers have been on the rise for some time, but this past year, the ladies have shown out. From Latto, The City Girls, Flo Milli, Glorilla, and many others, the rap game is no longer just a male-dominated sport. Chicago rapper Kayla B is a rising artist who was inspired to make music after the death of her late brother King Von in 2020. While she fooled around with music in the past, Kayla finally decided to get in the booth. Since then, she has uploaded numerous tracks and freestyles online. On August 12, she released her new single “Bad Shit”.

While she is still a new rapper, you can hear how much she has improved from her Instagram freestyles. The Streetz TV music video shows Kayla being herself in her element while she raps about her lifestyle, money, and being a flexer.

“I’m finding my voice, I feel like I have improved a lot, and starting to love music even more! I’m starting to show off now and really get in my bag,” she stated.

This year you can expect more singles and videos from the Chicago artist. Check out her latest single below.