RIP Kobe – [Chase Plato]

As I continue to pay closer attention to the rising hip-hop stars in the current day and age of the genre, I fall deeper and deeper into their lore, and whiterosemoxie is an artist who I simply can’t stop listening to. I love all the music he has brought to life over the past handful of years, but in all honesty, I don’t know too much about his industry moves or anything of that nature. I was super grateful when his manager hit me up and filled me in a bit more, letting me know that moxie is managed by Assemble Sound, so after finding this out, I was definitely intrigued to find out more about other artists under the Assemble Sound umbrella.

That’s when I was told about Chase Plato, an 18-year-old artist/producer who is the imprint’s newest signee. I had no idea who he was or where he came from, but as soon as I read about how his influences range anywhere from Tyler, the Creator to 100 Gecs, I was instantly intrigued. It turns out that Chase is also from Detroit, and even though his sound is far more different than anything you might typically hear in the city’s booming rap scene, it makes him stick out even more.

“RIP Kobe” is the name of his latest release, and after taping in with the brand-new song as well as the self-directed music video (with some direction from Victor Grisson as well), I was definitely an instant fan. The beat is full of industrial sounds and out-of-the-box percussive elements, all of which might be totally weird in the best possible ways, but they also bring the heat and set the bar for Chase to bring even more energy.

After listening, it’s clear that this is no problem for the rising talent because his enthusiasm never fails to impress, and he is never anything less than exciting. His flows may not be overly complicated, but they don’t need to be when he utilizes this level of vigor, making “RIP Kobe” an amazing offering while also proving the fact that Chase Plato is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the foreseeable future which is something I couldn’t be more thrilled about.