Danny Adams
Danny Adams
14 May 2020

After taking a bit of a break from music, or at least releasing music as regularly as he once did, Lil Skies has been on a bit of a roll in recent history. I’ve covered these new songs that included “Fidget” and “Havin My Way” which featured Lil Durk, and they showed off a new side to Skies that I wasn’t previously aware of. It seemed as if the hiatus he took was much needed, and he wanted to focus on furthering his career and sculpting his style so that way he’ll continue to be a mainstay in music and not fall off like so many artists have done in the past. This was obviously a smart move because those two songs alone seemed to show exactly what sort of steps he was taking in order to ensure his position in the industry.

His streak of drops luckily continues once again today with yet another song releasing, this one called “Riot”. He recruited his frequent collaborator CashMoneyAP to build the instrumental which is absolutely incredible in my opinion. Bouncy, blaring 808s, chattering hats, and lively, vibey synths lay the foundation for this fast-paced, upbeat banger. Skies’ delivery is a bit tamer than you’d expect after hearing the beat, to begin with, but he’s just calm, cool, and collected as he spits his first verse. Moving along he does pick up his enthusiasm a little but never fails to remember his smooth, charismatic role on this track. The beat would carry him along regardless just because it rides out in an incredible way, but his flow is effortless and he just floats along in an unforced, natural way. Skies’ cadence is pretty consistent throughout and doesn’t change up too drastically, but about halfway through, he does make a switch for a few bars which really revitalizes the song, keeping it fresh and original. The choruses seem to be even longer than his verses, which is an interesting and uncharacteristic move typically, but they’re super catchy and I’m a fan of this decision without a doubt. His lyricism isn’t necessarily anything earth-shattering, but he does find inventive new ways to talk about things like being decked out in expensive garments and accessories, not loving any girl, his abundance of money, and how he’d die for his gang no matter what.

There’s actually also a music video that comes along with it, and it’s just as appealing as the song. It opens up at a party that almost looks as if it’s being held in an abandoned warehouse or something of that nature. The room is dark, but colored lights sporadically placed throughout the area manage to keep it illuminated just well enough. Skies is playing a game of beer pong while he dances and recites his lyrics, and the entire crowd around him is vibing along with the rapper. Certain robotic crosshairs pop up onto the screen while he aims his throw, making it seem as if he’s a robot of sorts as he appears to just automatically make his shots. After hitting the game-winning shot, Skies flips the table and the party begins to get a lot more hectic. He starts spray painting the furniture, knocking drinks over, and then he even puts on a mask, eventually smashing a vase full of flowers with a baseball bat. Finally, the police show up on the scene, and a partygoer steals the cop’s gun before making an escape attempt. The whole event makes its way outside after this, as Skies and an entire slew of people jump onto the cop car and continue partying.

There’s no telling what direction Lil Skies is headed in after hearing this new track. I absolutely love this up-tempo, fast-paced style and he seems to truly perform well with this type of music, but it is somewhat new territory for him, so I’m curious but also excited to see if he continues to move along on this path or not. It can only be assumed at this point that he’s gearing up for an entirely cohesive project, but I’m just not entirely sure if that’s something we can expect soon or if we’re going to have to wait a while. Either way, his singles have been definitely holding me over and keeping me satisfied, and “Riot” is possibly my favorite loosie yet. You’re truly missing out if you don’t check out this latest hit from Lil Skies, so be sure to hit that play button.