Angry Blackmen may be an unfamiliar name to you, but if they keep growing at the pace that they are right now, it’ll be no time before they are a name that everyone in Chicago knows. The growth is obvious when you take a listen to some of their earlier tracks, and then hear their latest one, “Riot!” Now this is the first track where I think they really stuck to their name and sounded like Angry Blackmen. Angry Blackmen typically make music that you wouldn’t consider “normal” and that’s the case again here. I don’t know if producer soulcraft sampled the Drowning Pool song “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” or if he just included a few parts of the song, but the beat is fire, and the Angry Blackmen went crazy on it. The first verse goes especially hard. Now go ahead and listen to Angry Blackmen’s latest track, “Riot!”