Rifle (Blow!) – [LYZZA]

Practically no rising artist has arrived on the grander contemporary club scene with as much momentous force as LYZZA has in the past few years. The Brazilian electronic mastermind has impressed more and more with each successive single and corresponding project that she has come through with, all but solidifying her place as among the most important and integral DJs working today — regardless of one’s level of notoriety.


Though her status is slightly lower than most household names as far as producers with an adjacent artistic status are concerned, her sheer artistry and pure resounding talent certainly place her as above and beyond even the most esteemed of acts from a critical level; this sentiment has rung true for quite awhile now, but with how young and boundary-pushing she truly is at this moment, that fact will only become more and more recognized as time moves forward.


She has just recently taken yet another step towards her inevitable place at the top of the grander club scene with her new single “Rifle (Blow!) — a track that is equal parts reminiscent of her impressive back catalog, while also doing quite enough on its own to keep her progression steady and strong all the same.


The track is built off of a sweeping synth line that runs throughout its entire runtime, accompanied by a number of percussion passages that include such rough kicks and 808s along with an incredibly gripping and fast-paced sense of rhythm to it. The instrumental is altogether an experience in itself, just proving that she owns this side of her artistry with all the grace in the world.


But LYZZA’s own provided vocals throughout the track are essentially the final piece to an already outstanding puzzle. She balances her upfront and shout-ridden passages with some laid back and moving sections as well, all coming together to exemplify how talented she is on the mic — perhaps even matching one-to-one with her status on production, which is truly saying a lot.


The club scene as it stands today is in desperate need of a tried and true contemporary face of this ever-progressing genre, and there is no one better to take up that mold than an act like LYZZA, someone who progresses even faster than the grander scene she finds herself in. Singles like this are all one needs to know about how vivid this notion truly is; it becomes abundantly clear even after a single listen to something as incredible as this.