Ridin Strikers – [Future]

When you think about all of the different levels of fame and notoriety that are able to be achieved throughout the entire Rap or Hip-Hop industry, there are very few artists that seem to reach the final level. This level of recognition is almost divine and people who get to this point seem to me to not be human because of how legendary their presence has become. Some of these artists, in my opinion, include names like Kanye West, Young Thug, Drake, Jay-Z, and of course, Future, amongst a few others. It’s artists like this that have no worries when dropping new music, typically, because they’ve got so many fans that even if the song or album isn’t great, they’re going to be praised regardless. I feel like there’s a flaw with this sort of system because not everyone is set up for success like they are, but that’s an argument for another day.

Future proved his dominance yet again earlier this year with the release of High Off Life, which topped charts and wowed fans yet again, and one of the most popular songs “Ridin Strikers” has now received a brand-new visual to accompany it. The instrumental is built on a foundation of strings being plucked in such an intriguing fashion before consistent, tapping percussion and toned-down drums enter the scene. Future comes in with so much energy for the chorus, spitting rapid bars and ending each line by talking about a striker of some sort, which I’m not entirely sure what the meaning of this word is within some of the contexts he uses it for. During his verse, he switches cadences a few times, sometimes slowing down certain words for emphasis while other times speaking so fast that it’s just impossible to understand his lyrics within the first listen. A couple of minutes in, the song begins to completely slow down which ultimately leads to a change in the instrumental, giving Future an opportunity to switch up his style and go in a different direction as a soundbite from a news report plays. During this part, he chops up his lines and delivers them in segments, ending each bar with a grunt of some sort as he keeps his energy up throughout this entire portion. As far as the majority of the song goes, Future talks about the people who are loyal to him and who will take care of whatever business he asks them to tend to, even if he can’t be there to help out.

As far as the music video goes, there’s a bit of a mixture of classic Rap scenes mixed with a quick plot that unfolds later on. For the classic moments, Future can be seen standing in front of cars and a large group of people as they all vibe along to the music while he recites his bars. Other shots show cars peeling out and doing donuts as smoke generated by the tires fills the air. Obviously, during all of these parts, Future has his designer garments and icy jewelry on full display, showing off his various chains, watches, rings, and other accessories. Eventually, the plot begins to play a part as Future sits in the back seat of a car filled with women who he daps up as seems to be anticipating something. The car pulls up to a restaurant and the girls get masked up, eventually entering the front door. They begin to actually rob this place, but Future remains in the parking lot, sometimes spitting his lyrics and other times keeping a lookout. As the beat switches up, Future and his all-girl team seem to be celebrating a successful robbery as they throw cash in the air and dance around in the car. One more scene shows another car being pulled over by the police, and as the people exit the vehicle, the flashing lights of the police car get closer to the halted automobile. It turns out that the cop car is being driven by the crime-committing group of women, and they must’ve stolen the police car as they pass by and mock the people who they initially stopped as a joke.

This is the perfect example of the point I made earlier about certain artists having success regardless of what they drop. Sure, this isn’t a bad music video in the slightest and I’ve definitely seen much worse, but there’s really nothing overtly special about it. The fact that a storyline is present but doesn’t enter the picture until there’s about a minute and a half left doesn’t make a ton of sense to me and then the final scene with the police vehicle also is a bit strange and out of nowhere. Beyond this, Future talks incessantly about robbing a bank throughout the entire song, but in the visual, they end up robbing a restaurant. I’m not sure if this is because they legally can’t be shown robbing a bank or what the reasoning was, but I just felt like it was a bit inconsistent. Despite these things, at least the music video was clean and well-shot if nothing else, so it’s definitely worth the watch if you find some time. Although it might not completely blow you away, take a moment and check out Future’s new music video for his track “Ridin Strikers” and see what you think.